Here are our boating tips and resolutions you may want to keep coming into the new year. We promise, zero gym time is required.

boat by house - New Year’s Resolutions and Boating Tips for 2019Boating Tips and Resolutions for 2019

  • Keep it Clean: Don’t be trashy. Though it may be tempting to simply discard your snack wrappers, plastic bags, cans and bottles overboard, doing so immediately damages the environment and puts the sea life you share waters with at risk. Keep a garbage bag onboard and dispose of your trash responsibly once back ashore.
  • Make a List and Check it Twice: Lists aren’t only for Santa. Making a six-month or quarterly checklist for your boat maintenance can go a long way to ensure smooth sailing all year long.
  • Be Storm-Ready: Before next hurricane season begins, get your plan in place. Though current meteorology often gives us a little more time to react before landfall, hurricanes are still wildly unpredictable. Having a plan in place to secure your vessel and evacuate will help avoid panic and keep you safe.
  • Boat Somewhere New: Though we all have our favorite spots, make a resolution to explore new waters. Do some research and stay safe, but enjoy a little adventure on your next trip.
  • Boat More Often: Look, this may sound like a bad excuse to have more fun…and it kind of is. Life is short and times can be hard, but make sure you save some time to kick back and enjoy this hobby, passion and lifestyle we all love.

With a new year and new you, why not make now the time you commit to keeping waterways clean, making a safety and maintenance checklist, creating a hurricane plan, trying out a new waterway and boating more often in 2019? We promise all of these resolutions are easier to keep than that all-kale diet or spinning class you just enrolled in. From all of us at Hi-Tide Boat Lifts, may your 2019 be full of fun on the water!


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