Tips to Increase The Life Span of Your Boat Dock

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As many of you boat lovers know, once your dock is installed, it can be easy to ignore regular maintenance. In the blink of an eye, signs of wear and tear start to show, such as small impacts, rust and rot. In most cases, wood docks require occasional maintenance and care to keep their functionality.

Tips to teach young boaters the basics

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Teach kids the basics of safe boating. Courtesy U.S. Coast Guard Randy Vance knows boats, boating and boaters of all ages. Vance was raised on Lake of the Ozarks, where his family operated a resort and marina; he grew up on and around boats. And after having served as an editor of Boating, he is

8 Summer Boating Tips for Fun, Sun and Safety on Deck

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It’s summertime! And there’s nothing like downing ice-cold drinks off the boat’s bow while chilling with friends and family. I love to get out on the water. There’s just something about being out in nature, be it a lake, river or ocean. Being on the water cures most ailments in life. And when temperatures heat

New Year’s Resolutions and Boating Tips for 2019

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Here are our boating tips and resolutions you may want to keep coming into the new year. We promise, zero gym time is required. Boating Tips and Resolutions for 2019 Keep it Clean: Don’t be trashy. Though it may be tempting to simply discard your snack wrappers, plastic bags, cans and bottles overboard, doing so immediately

Safety, Security & Peace Of Mind For Your Vessel

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My first boat security system cost around 10 bucks. It came from RadioShack and wasn't just for boats. Two little components were fastened to my hatch and hatch frame with sticky tape. When their magnets separated, an alarm sounded. It always let me know when the sticky tape came unstuck, except when I wasn't onboard.

Hurricane Season Preparation Tips For 2018

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Securing Your Boat for Hurricane Season 2018 We may already be in the dead of hurricane season, but you still have time to get your prep completed before the next big storm threatens. Make a Plan Yesterday: One of the biggest errors in judgment when prepping for a hurricane is to wait until one’s breathing down

New program requires Austin boat dock owners to register with city

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A new city of Austin program designed to help improve boat dock visibility for emergency responders on the lake requires boat dock owners to properly address and register their docks with the city. The requirements apply to docks on Lake Austin, Lady Bird Lake, Lake Travis, Walter E. Long Lake, Lake Lyndon B. Johnson and

9 boat safety & life jacket reminders for the Fourth of July

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The Coast Guard reported $46 million dollars of damage to property as a result of recreational boating accidents in 2017. In 2017, the U.S. Coast Guard counted 4,291 accidents that involved 658 deaths, 2,629 injuries and approximately $46 million dollars of damage to property as a result of recreational boating accidents. Here are nine key things that boaters can

Top Tips for Selecting The Perfect Boat Lift For Your Dock

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Boat lifts thwart corrosion, fouling and wakes. Here are 10 tips for selecting a lift. While you search the web for the perfect lift for your dock, starting your search here with Proteus Boat Lifts is the right place to begin.  We offer the fastest, safest and longest lasting automatic lift system on the market. 

Boating Safety: What You Need to Know Before Hitting Texas’ Lakes

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Whether your an experienced boater or heading out for your first summer as a boat captain, knowing the dangers and pitfalls to summers on Texas lakes is important.  Before you head out for your next lake trip heed these tips to make sure you and your loved ones are safe on the water! Lake Swimming

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