Carlos N’ Charlies on Lake Travis

Designed in 1995 this building, quite possibly the only one in the world was ran successfully as on of the top lakeside hotspots, until closing its doors in 2014 due to drought conditions.Floats in the event of a floating catastrophe and stays fully operational.  Even though it has open closed many times over the years due to economic hardships, one thing stayed steadfast and solid, the design, engineering and construction of Curtis Brown . At the request of the late Offshore Champion Jack Carmody. Curtis Brown was summoned to build him a building that will stay fully operational during a catastrophic flood of The Beautiful Lake Travis we all adore, so as his beloved patrons wouldn’t have to miss a beat .

In excess of twenty years now and tested many times, this iconic venue stands hard and true for us all to enjoy . Footloose and Flood free!  The former Part-owner Pete Clark described the venue as an iconic spring break movie. Lake goers from all over came to experience the family atmosphere of the local hotspot. Now, re-opened as Ernie’s on the Lake, and still a mecca for families and boat lovers, you can still see the engineering marvel of Curtis Brown in action.

The original specifications for leveling and stabilization have held solid for two decades. If this is what Curtis Brown can do for a private large scale venue, just imagine the attention to detail, care, and precision that goes into designing your customizable Proteus Boat Lift.

carlos n charlies lake travis - Carlos N' Charlies on Lake Travis