Why hydraulics?2017-12-11T15:47:02+00:00

The lifting ability to the amount of power you use is extremely efficient, its faster and you take away 120volt of AC connected to a steel plate and move over to a 24-volt DC, our design also eliminates cable backlash from dropping your boat too low.

If anything fails, will my boat fall?2017-12-11T15:51:55+00:00

If the system fails for any reason there’s a counter balance valve that is built in so that it has to have pressure before it can release. It cannot fall.

What kind of maintenance is required?2017-12-11T15:53:10+00:00

You should do checks for cables, batteries and hydraulic fluid, we recommend a yearly maintenance check, which we may end up offering.

We have a maintenance package – join the certified program for as little as $799 annually and get no parts or labor cost for life, includes maintenance costs. Includes yearly inspection.

Can the lift system become unbalanced?2017-12-11T15:53:52+00:00

The system runs for a fraction of a second longer than the lift to auto stabilize your lift keeping it level.

What if I lose my remote?2019-01-17T16:48:38+00:00

There is a manual over ride on the box and then we can order you a new remote.  The range for the remote is 300 feet, but it is not safe to operate lift when it is not in your line of sight.

What if I decide to buy a bigger boat?2017-12-11T15:55:47+00:00

Easily upgrade your lift by adding new beams instead of replacing your entire lift system.

Can the lift be lowered or raised too high?2017-12-11T15:50:58+00:00

It can’t be raised too high and never extend past but you can lower too low but limit switches and accessories are available to add to the system to monitor the water level and prevent that from happening.

What types of lifts does Proteus Boat Lifts offer?2017-12-08T19:17:47+00:00

Boat, Jet ski, In Water Lifts, Out of Water Lifts as well as boat decks and LED lighting packages.

What makes Proteus Boat Lifts safer than traditional lifts?2017-12-08T19:20:14+00:00

DC powered vs 120volt AC power, eliminating the risk of shock or electrocution. The system is also on a lock failure platform insuring that you boat will not fail if there is an issue. And we have designed our cable system to work so there is never a cable backlash.

Can I customize my boat lift to fit multiple boats/jet skis? How?2017-12-11T15:47:57+00:00

Yes, easily upgrade your lift by adding new beams instead of replacing your entire lift system.

The lifting mechanism inside the beams can now be installed in the water and the boat can set directly of the beams or down the walkway on each side of the slip. The flexibility of design can go overhead to get extra height for flooding lakes, in walkway, can even mount across the walkways in the water.

Accessories are available to customize to suit your needs

Is there a warranty?2017-12-11T15:48:52+00:00

Full 12 Months All Parts & Labor, 24 Months All Parts.

How easy is it to install?2017-12-11T15:50:08+00:00

Normal installation takes under 4 hours if there is no structural work.

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