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With the fastest, safest design in the industry, Proteus Boat Lifts use groundbreaking innovation that rethinks the technologies involved, resulting in the best boat lift on the market. With speed and safety designed into every aspect of the Proteus Boat Lift system, you protect your boat as well as your loved ones.


One of the best features of the Proteus Boat Lift is it's ability to adapt to your changing needs.


Easily upgrade your lift by adding new beams instead of replacing your entire lift system or add accessories and turn your lift into a swim deck.


With the touch of a button your boat lift is in and out of the water in under a minute so you can move on to more playtime.

Remote Controlled

Your Proteus Boat lift is fully remote controlled with back up manual buttons in the event you misplace your controller.


Our system rises to new safety and speed; virtually redefining industry standards

Shock Proof

Proteus Boat Lifts priority is safety, preventing electrocution and ESD by providing features that insure your boat and your family are safe.


Super safe DC powered machine one of the first in the industry!


We simplified our boat lift system by taking out unnecessary parts and added features that made it easier, cleaner and safer without all the elaborate extras.


The Durable alloy configuration makes the unit beautiful as well as protects the components from the elements for years!  The construction adjusts to various boat weights and eliminates water and wind movement. Adjustable mounting sockets are easily installed into all docks at the perfect depth. The weight of your boat may vary from end to end, but the Proteus Lift ensures a level lift that is flush with your dock for easy boarding. Each modular beam solidly supports 3500 lbs and can easily be added or removed to accommodate various boats.

The Proteus Lift revolutionizes boat lifts, providing unsurpassed safety and speed. This low-profile lift design with concealed hydraulics eliminates unsightly overhead components for “Show Quality” dock appeal. 

With the click of a button you’re gone in 60 seconds!


  • “Show Quality” dock appeal

  • DC over hydraulic lifting mechanism

  • Remote controlled operation

  • Accessories available to upgrade and/or light your dock

  • Fast, easy installation

  • Low profile boat lift design

  • Stress Free and Shock Proof

  • Increase the lifting ability and scalability

  • Variety of sizes & features for fresh, brackish & salt water

  • Lifting mechanism inside the beams can now be installed in the water

  • Extruded aircraft grade alloy H beam conceals and protects the components.

  • Self leveling boat lift system

  • Adjustable mounting sockets easily install to all dock configurations

  • Fail safe counter balance valve to prevent falling

  • Super quiet operation

  • Yearly maintenance and inspection packages available that can equate to no parts or extra labor for life.

  • Variable lift travel up to 16 feet and lift up to 50k lbs and more.

Fully Customizable Lifts for the Perfect Fit


A variety of Proteus accessories are available to make life a little easier. Proteus products are designed and manufactured with the customer in mind, focusing on adaptability, ease of use, and minimal maintenance.



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